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I have a number of areas where I have developed expertise and enjoy working with clients presenting with these problems. These include:


Trauma, Anxiety & Depression

I work with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression and PTSD and have done so for years. I am trained in EMDR and have found that to be an effective method to resolve trauma. I have also worked with people to discover their authentic selves and transcend the limitations of self-doubt and shame in their lives.

Grief Counseling

My own journey through grief led me to obtain specialty certification in grief counseling. Since that time, I have worked with a number of clients struggling with loss and have volunteered at Camp Erin counseling grieving children. I have worked with clients of all phases of life.

Psychotherapy with Recovering Addicts

My experience has shown me that once a person transcends active addiction (alcohol, drugs, food, sex, money) underlying issues bubble up to the surface. Doing psychotherapy with recovering addicts was my initial area of focus when I began in the field of psychology, and has been ever since.

Sexual Addiction Treatment

I have been a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist for years, having trained with Patrick Carnes in 2002. I have worked in the field of sexual behavior problems as a part of my practice and work with both addicts and partners.

Couples Therapy

Although never my primary area of focus, I have worked with 1-3 couples on my caseload for the last 25 years. I enjoy helping couples resolve their issues and develop the relationships that they have wanted.

Religious Trauma and/or Abuse

Having grown up in a strict religious setting, I worked hard to put the past programing behind me and develop a sense of healthy spirituality. I have helped a number of clients heal the wounds of toxic religion and figure out what is true for them. I have also run weekend workshop intensives where people can process in a group setting with others of similar experience.

Pre-Adjudication Counseling

I offer therapy for individuals facing legal challenges. I focus on a combination of managing anxiety and depression, examining the dynamics of what got them into the legal situation, and, if necessary, prepare them for incarceration and life afterwards.

Psychological/Psychosexual Evaluation

I have conducted psychological evaluations since 1994.  I have completed a number of mental health, forensic and psychosexual evaluations for a number of reasons.  I have frequently testifies in court cases and testified regarding mental health, competency, dangerousness and amenability for treatment.  I current do not do forensic evaluation but continue to conduct psychological and psychosexual evaluations.

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