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Dr Thomas Brewer

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Thomas Brewer, PSY.D.

Welcome to my website. We all have struggles. It is not uncommon to find ourselves wrestling with current life situations or grappling with mental health issues. I am a clinical psychologist with 30 years of experience in working with clients who are having adjustment difficulties, mental health struggles, sexual difficulties or interpersonal strife. I really enjoy what I do and although I am now in my 60’s (and full of wisdom?), I fully plan to practice well into my golden years. I work with ordinary people attempting to cope with the challenging twists and turns of life. My style is supportive and flexible, yet logical and practical. I am not shy in providing feedback, but ultimately, my job is to help you find your authentic path.

I work with the individual's strengths and aspirations to tailor an approach to resolve challenges, ease stress, and improve overall health, well-being, and life satisfaction. Throughout my career, I continue to be inspired by people who have managed a variety of hardships and who have later established a strong sense of life meaning. I welcome you!


We Accept Most Insurance Plans

I am in-network with a number of insurance providers. You will need to check your benefits and co-payments are due at the end of session. If you have insurance that I am in-network, my office will bill your insurance. If I am out-of-network, many insurance companies have great out-of-network reimbursement. I will provide a monthly superbill, complete with diagnosis, dates and type of service. You can submit those to your insurance companies and get reimbursement for a portion of my fee directly. If you are cash pay, payments are due at the end of session. I accept cash or card.

I am in-network for the following insurance companies:


It is important to remember that your insurance policy is an agreement between you and your insurance company. Ultimately, you remain responsible for paying the fees that we have agreed upon for psychological services.

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